Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Week Experiment Part Two- Food, Glorious Food!

Market Basket Strawberries never tasted so good as they did today!
Today I went grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks. It was a thrilling experience. We had gone a full week without milk this past week. Any dinner invitation or playgroup that involved free food was enthusiastically attended this week. All in all I learned some things during this experiment and I'm glad we did it (glad it's over too!).

A few things I wanted to jot down:
  • Never plan soup for family dinners- not filling enough to keep the natives satisfied. Make that at lunch item.
  • Stock up on more condiments that make other foods taste better. We ran out of Ranch dressing and peanut butter. I think the ranch especially would have made a lot of our boring, canned good meals more tasty.
  • Mac N Cheese is still doable w/out milk. Not as good, though.
  • It was very helpful to have rationed out my dessert items. I realized how important peanut butter was for us here because I use it for no-bake cookies and it can also spruce up toast and even oatmeal.
  • The hardest part was the milk just for the sheer fact that my kids love cereal. I thought we'd do more oatmeal, but boiling the water seemed like more of a pain in our morning rush. We had a lot of toast. Having two loaves of bread in the freezer worked out really well. {Also I have to confess that we didn't use our stored water!! I think that would have been the hardest thing, maybe another time...}
  • I found that a lot of my food storage dinners took more time to prepare. I was wishing I had more items I could whip up in 20 minutes.

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