Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Two Week Experiment

The Provident Living Committee is conducting an experiment to live off Food Storage for two weeks in the month of March. Each of us are at different points in this experiment. My family (the Plant Family) is finishing up week one. I knew that week one wouldn't be as difficult as week two so I haven't kept as detailed of notes as I am planning for week two. Here is what I have found so far:
  • We are being less wasteful with the knowledge we aren't going to the store for a while. Kind of refreshing.
  • We have been needing to plan out meals more and be a little more organized.
  • We have used up most of our fresh items with the most recent expiration dates.
  • My meal planning is going to kick into over drive as I try to figure out ways to make our canned goods exciting for our family. Stay tuned for that one!
  • I am wishing we had more treats in food storage to boost morale through the end of next week!
  • We had some missionaries drop in and Josh gave them the LAST of our milk with their cookies! Eek! My plan is oatmeal and canned fruit for breakfast this week.
  • It snowed today and we considered throwing snow in the post to boil with our spaghetti. I chickened out, though! Maybe we'll be desperate by Wednesday.
This is an old archived picture of our food storage. Brave of me to show you our bread and butter eh?

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